sharing bags

bigger bags for more snackers

Sick of serving your guests the same old crisps? Mix things up with Sharing Bags of your favourite snacks! With each bag holding 4 times the amount of a standard punnet, this is the best value way to graze. The resealable bags also make them really easy to dip in and out of, so you can keep your snacks fresh between parties.

What are some good party snacks?

Our bbq flavoured snacks are always a big hit! Hickory smoked almonds or cashews are always a winner in any combination, and perfect for an outdoor summer party. Pair with homemade iced tea for a party to remember!

How should adults and kids snack differently?

The main difference should be portion sizes which should be down-sized for kids compared to adult portion sizes. Kids on the whole tend to be a lot more active compared to adults so the carbohydrate content can be more generous, compared to adults who lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Dried fruit, crackers etc. could feature far more in a kids snacking menu compared to adults who, depending on their level of exercise, would be better sticking to protein, healthy fats and lower sugar snacks.