make snack time pop

Popcorn is a great snack for when you’re fancying a nibble. If you ever crunch through some crisps before dinner, or like a biscuit with your tea, popcorn could be the perfect alternative for you!

Jess, graze nutritionist

The benefits of popcorn

Have you tried our famous pop-it-yourself popcorn? Naturally high in fibre, under 150 calories, and a source of vitamin E, it’s simply a-maize-ing! (We just couldn’t resist a corny pun). All you need to do is tear off the wrapper, make a dash for your nearest microwave and enjoy a whole new kind of pop culture. You can even mix it with some of our other snacks for pimped up popcorn!

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Why buy popcorn that’s ready to pop?

Because there's nothing better than a bag of popcorn fresh out of the microwave. Whilst it’s sure to upgrade any movie night, we think it’s also the perfect desk snack. There’s no 4pm slump that can’t be beaten by the smell of freshly-popped popcorn!

What makes this popcorn better?

Each portion of our popping corn is less than 150 calories, far lighter than the standard cinema offering, and using wholegrain popcorn kernels makes this snack a source of dietary fibre and vitamin E, which protects cells from oxidative stress.

How do I cook my popcorn?

Tear off the plastic wrapper, place the packet inside your microwave and cook on full for 2 minutes. Our chief taste expert Ellie recommends keeping a close watch on your popcorn whilst it microwaves, as you may need to whip it out before the 2 minute mark to avoid burning those kernels.

Do you need a microwave?

Yes, all our popcorn flavours need a microwave to prepare.

What are some healthy snacks for a movie night date?

Some healthy snacks that we really love are popcorn, naturally sweet dates, fresh fruit such as blueberries, vegetable crisps and spicy dried chickpeas. By switching fried potato crisps for seasoned nuts and plant protein, you’re giving your body more vitamins and minerals whilst still getting that delicious savoury crunch. Something you can do to make sure you never get bored is combine some of these tasty snacks. Like our delicious pop-it-yourself popcorn, perfect for homemade snack experiments. Read more.