Meet the taste experts:

Our taste experts are always busy in the graze kitchen, combining wholesome ingredients in exciting new ways. Whether inspired by homely classics like sticky toffee pudding, or delicious discoveries from around the world like Belgian speculoos and Tuscan pesto kern pops, they always add their own tasty twist. You never know what’s next when it comes to our taste experts, so stay tuned to be the first to try our best new snacks!

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What do the taste experts do?

At graze we believe that good snacks should be exciting - that’s why we have our crack team of taste experts. In the last 7 years they’ve developed over 1000 new recipes and tasted even more ingredients. Because we only send you the best new snacks, head honcho Ellie tries every new recipe from taste experts Bobby and Grace, and works with our nutritionist Jess to make sure every snack reaches her high standards.

What kind of ingredients are used?

One of the reasons our best new snacks are so good is because they’re made of the best tasting ingredients. That’s why we have our team of ingredient hunters. Whether they’re seeking out chilli & lime cashews or salted caramel chocolate buttons, our team stops at nothing to find great quality food for our snacks.