Can’t get enough of those zesty fresh flavours? My taste experts have combined our sweet dried fruit mixes with chocolate, nuts and even dippers in graze’s signature lip-smacking combinations – the perfect little fruity boost. Look out for our nutritionist badges that show which of our dried fruit snacks are a source of fibre!

Ellie, chief taste expert

5 ways to nail your 5 a day

If you often find yourself eating on-the-go it can be hard to fit in the recommended amount of fruit, and our bodies can end up crying out for more vitamins and minerals. If you’re feeling sluggish, and like your body just needs a vibrant boost, we’re here to help you establish new healthy habits and start eating more fruit with our delicious dried fruit snacks.

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Why do we need to eat fruit?

Fresh fruits are natural nutrient powerhouses. They contain the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibre to drive all of our billions of chemical reactions going on every second in our bodies. They are also amazing sources of energy, helping fuel our every move. Smoothies, juices and salads are great ways to get these in, and you can even add an extra nutrient boost with a punnet of graze pure dried fruit.

Are fruit sugars unhealthy?

Naturally occurring fruit sugars are not the same as processed, refined table sugars or cane sugars. The fructose in these sugars are only harmful in large amounts, and it is almost impossible to overeat fructose from fruit. Refined sugar also has no other nutritional benefits, whereas fruit offers vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

Do graze fruit snacks use real fruit?

Yes! We love using real fruit in the graze kitchen. From our real apple crisps dusted with cinnamon and a drop of lemon juice, to our naturally sweet and wax-free gummy chews made with apple puree, carrot and orange juice. We like to think of fruit as nature’s candy!