whole oats with a whole lot of flavour

We’re so proud of our whole rolled oat flapjacks - you won’t find anything else like them! Working with the White family all these years has really given us a unique appreciation for proper traditional recipes, especially when you combine them with modern flavour trends. That’s when you get something really special!

Jocelyn, graze taste expert

The story behind our flapjack

Our famous flapjacks come from family bakers in the Cotswolds, who make these oaty bakes from a trusted family recipe that’s been handed down through two generations. Not only do all our flapjacks taste amazing, the added goodness of whole-rolled oats means that each flapjack is a delicious source of fibre! There are nine flavours to try, from rustic classics like apple & cinnamon, to new inventions like our popular protein flapjacks.

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Are graze flapjacks healthy?

Our flapjacks are handmade from the very best rustic rolled British oats and baked in small batches so each one is crafted to our deliciously high standards. This method means the rustic rolled oats aren’t damaged, to make a flapjack that provides a source of fibre and manganese, an essential mineral that helps protect cells from oxidative stress. We also have our new protein flapjacks filled with nutritious ingredients like linseeds, sunflower seeds, and soy protein, to create handy, not to mention delicious, sources of protein. Read more.

What flavours are there?

Whilst the base recipe of our flapjacks has been passed down through the generations, what makes our flapjacks so unique are the brand new flavours our taste experts are always inventing. From classics like summer berry and honeycomb, to new inventions like lemon drizzle and jaffa cake, it’s amazing we don’t eat them all ourselves.

When’s the best time to eat a graze flapjack?

In the graze kitchen we think flapjacks are perfect for any time of day, especially if you’re on-the-go and in need of a tasty boost. Try adding them to your lunchbox, gym bag or keeping a stash in your desk drawer. We’ve even heard of some grazers enjoying them for breakfast!