dips & dippers

Finger dipping foods

“The secret to our delicious dips and dippers? My taste experts find the best quality ingredients, like Scottish cheddar oat cakes, cinnamon pretzel sticks, and wholemeal banana shortbread, and pair them with tasty dips like red onion marmalade, Belgian speculoos spread, and gooey toffee sauce. And the best news is all our dipping snacks have been perfectly portioned by our nutritionist so they’re under 150 calories.

Ellie, chief taste expert

Are low calorie foods good for you?

Lots of low calorie snacks you might find in supermarkets and convenience shops tend to shout about “0% fat” and “no added sugar”, when they’re actually making up for those missing ingredients with artificial flavours and sweeteners. In the graze kitchen we think it’s important to stick to naturally delicious wholesome ingredients, which we’ve carefully portioned to give you exactly the right amount of what you fancy. As always, every snack is approved by our nutritionist, Jess, so you can feel good about grazing.

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Are all graze dipping snacks under 150 calories?

Yes! Our dipping snacks are perfect for when you’re just fancying a nibble on something delicious, but you don’t want it to ruin your appetite or weigh yourself down afterwards.

Can you eat graze dipping snacks on-the-go?

Arguably the best part of our dipping snacks (apart from their amazing taste) is our specially designed dipping punnet. It gives you just the right amount of delicious dip, and means you can enjoy these completely original 150 calorie snacks even when you’re on the move.