New to the graze shop, now you can discover our protein cookies, served with special blend black tea and available in multipacks. Right at home with our chewy flapjacks and crumbly shortbread, all our bakes are made with wholesome ingredients and no preservatives, so make sure you enjoy them quickly while they’re fresh!

Bobby, graze taste expert

In her six years as a taste expert, Ellie's absolute favourite invention is the graze afternoon tea infusion, which she crafted under the guidance of a tea master. We think it pairs perfectly with our little cakes for a super comforting and delicious afternoon break. Just add boiling water and brew for 3-4 minutes, then add milk if you want it. Our brand new citrus green blend is made with the finest green tea leaves from China, with a hint of bergamot for that refreshing citrus flavour - the perfect combination for a sophisticated 4pm boost. Just add boiling water to the tea bag and brew for 1-2 minutes. Now sit back and enjoy!

Why are some of the cakes out of stock?

Your little puds and cakes are freshly baked each week in limited batches, and come straight from our bakery. They’re some of our most popular creations so they sell out fast! If your favourite’s out of stock, you can find which day of the week it gets baked on the product page.

How long do the cakes last?

All our bakes are made with wholesome ingredients and no preservatives, so it’s best to enjoy them as soon as possible. To avoid eating more than one a day, we recommend sharing with friends or family.

What’s the best way to eat the little puds?

You can enjoy our little puds cold, but they taste even better warm, so we designed a special new punnet which are suitable for microwaving. Simply remove the film lid completely and pop in the microwave for 10 seconds. To serve, just spoon the sauce onto your warm pud! You can also heat up our cakes and brownies, but you’ll need to remove them from their punnets as these aren’t suitable for microwaving.