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School of Farming

so far at the school

Theory lesson with Mr. Augustine

we have over 400 graduates

Brussel sprouts

That's 400 families who can now feed and support themselves. On top of that Mr. Augustine has: trained 34 trainers to support all the students as they start their own gardens, experimented with 27 varieties of maize, planted a total of 1,200 orange trees, held 4 harvest festivals, started a farmers co-operative, installed giant water tanks to help the villagers to water their crops regardless of rainfall, started regular agriculture lessons in the local schools and cleared the land for the Centre of Farming Excellence.

solomun's story

Solomun and his family are one of the school's biggest success stories. In the modest plot around their house they are growing 24 varieties of fruit and veg (including sprouts, sweet potatoes, spinach and the staple food in the village - maize). They also have a goat, given to them by the school, which provides all the family with milk.

For Solomun's family this means that they are now able to pay for him to go to school (he is top of the class); they eat a diet that Jess, our nutritionist, would be proud of; and are able to live a comfortable life where previously they had to rely on hand outs.

Solomun's story is just one of many success stories in and around Kabbubu.

And this is just the beginning...

Solomun and his father crops all grown around their home.

Mr. Augustine with our very own Tom