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foods not suitable for vegans

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Please note, all our food is packed in the same place, so cross contamination is possible.

oat & barley granola, strawberry & raspberry pieces, yoghurt coated strawberry pieces, crispy multigrain flakes & malt coated oats
oat and barley granola, freeze dried strawberry pieces and yoghurt coated strawberry pieces
cherry flavoured raisins, yoghurt coated strawberry pieces, raspberry fruit strings and cranberries
chocolate orange granola, orange peel, dark chocolate curls, pumpkin seeds & almond slices
orange flavoured raisins, orange chocolate raisins, milk chocolate buttons and jumbo raisins
mango & passion fruit granola, coconut flakes, passion fruit yoghurt, honey-baked oats, pumpkin seeds & crispy multigrain flakes
salted caramel milk chocolate buttons, blanched peanuts, fudge pieces and raisins
multigrain honey granola, chopped pecans & walnuts, hazelnuts, almond slices & honey-baked oats
chocolate granola, dark chocolate curls, cherries, pistachios & pumpkin seeds
apple, cinnamon & ginger-spiced granola, chopped pecans, honey almond slivers, jumbo raisins & crispy millet flakes
rolled spelt flakes, fudge pieces, oats and banana coins
almond slivers, oats, honey almond slivers and cherries
blueberry granola, blackberries, strawberry pieces, honey-baked oats & rye flakes
chopped walnuts, chopped pecans, oats and honey almond slivers
pomegranate & blackcurrant pieces, multigrain honey granola, blackcurrant barley, crispy rice flakes & puffed brown rice
peach, apricot, orange-infused granola, crispy multigrain flakes & puffed brown rice
orange-infused granola, orange peel, macadamia nuts & coconut flakes