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7 search results for “hazelnuts”

  • dark chocolate brownie

    dark chocolate brownie

    chocolate brownie made with ground almonds, beetroot and fine cocoa

  • banana cake with an afternoon blend

    banana cake with an afternoon blend

    soft banana bread with dates and hazelnuts, paired with our unique afternoon infusion tea

  • chocolate pretzel dipper

    chocolate pretzel dipper

    boerinneke cocoa hazelnut dip and lightly salted pretzel sticks

  • Cranberry & hazelnut dipper

    Cranberry & hazelnut dipper

    dark cocoa dip with cranberry and hazelnut toasts

  • natural protein nuts

    natural protein nuts

    raw and blanched almonds, roasted hazelnuts and walnuts

  • vitamin E defence

    vitamin E defence

    cranberries, roasted hazelnuts, Chilean flame raisins and redskin peanuts

  • our version of jaffa cake

    our version of jaffa cake

    orange flavoured raisins, Belgian dark chocolate buttons and roasted hazelnuts