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JUST £3.99 a box, delivered
get your graze kids box

the graze kids box the graze kids box

our new box specially for kids aged 3 to 300

tasty treats with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners

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mr punnet meet the treats

chocolate pretzel

chocolate hazelnut dip with poppyseed pretzels

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pizza party

mini basil breadsticks, mini tomato breadstick and mini paprika breadsticks

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dragons nest

blueberry yoghurt raisins, apple, green raisins and lemon flavoured raisins

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tangy twisters

green raisins, lime flavoured raisins, raspberry strings and green mango

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treasure chest

cranberries, orange chocolate raisins and peach shapes

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berry-apple smoothie

strawberry drops and apple

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wholegrain banoffee dippers

toffee sauce with wholemeal banana shortbread dippers

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mr cheesy's garlic bread

garlic crostini and cheese flavoured cashews

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graze's chocolate orange

orange flavoured raisins, milk chocolate buttons, jumbo raisins and orange chocolate raisins

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sticky chocolate pudding

milk chocolate drops, green raisins and jumbo raisins

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summer berry flapjack

rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries

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very berry blast

cherry flavoured raisins, cranberries, raspberry strings and yoghurt coated strawberry pieces

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ketchup soldiers

pizza breadsticks and tomato dip

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jam dunk

raspberry coulis and apple wedges

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golden flapjack

traditional rustic rolled oat flapjack

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jaffa flapjack

rustic rolled oat flapjack with chocolate and orange

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crunch bunch

corn chips and poppyseed pretzels

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say cheese

cheddar bruschetta and mini tomato breadstick

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monsieur le box how the kids box works

choose your treats

You can select your treats

with no nasties

we post to your door

Your name is printed on the box

with your name on the box

with fun & games

Your recieve games with each box

for 5 minutes of play
20 if you're lucky

no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners