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  • cinnamon apple pie

    cinnamon apple pie

    yoghurt coated raisins, blanched almonds and cinnamon apple pieces

  • smokehouse BBQ crunch

    smokehouse BBQ crunch

    BBQ flavoured peas, corn chips & chilli corn

  • dark chocolate cherry tart

    dark chocolate cherry tart

    Belgian dark chocolate buttons, Chilean flame raisins, juicy sour cherries and pecans

  • spicy sriracha peas

    spicy sriracha peas

    Thai style sriracha flavoured peas, salted corn and Thai style sriracha flavoured half popped corn kernels

  • all day energiser

    all day energiser

    cherries, pear and walnuts

  • jam doughnut

    jam doughnut

    raspberry fruit strings, almond slivers, raspberry flavoured cranberries and vanilla sponge drops

  • pro bean

    pro bean

    edamame beans, chilli broad beans and redskin peanuts

  • twist of black pepper popcorn

    twist of black pepper popcorn

    pop-it-yourself popcorn with a hint of freshly cracked black pepper

  • slightly sweet popcorn

    slightly sweet popcorn

    pop-it-yourself popcorn with a hint of sweetness

  • garden of england

    garden of england

    apple, mini strawberries and blackcurrants

  • heart healthy nuts

    heart healthy nuts

    redskin peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds and pecan nuts

  • scandinavian forest

    scandinavian forest

    apple, cherry flavoured raisins, blueberries and lingonberries

  • coco paradise

    coco paradise

    Belgian milk chocolate drops, cranberries and coconut flakes

  • vitamin C crush

    vitamin C crush

    mango, pineapple and coconut flakes