muscle repairer yoghurt parfait

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Treat your tired muscles to some nourishment with this muscle repairer yoghurt parfait with mango & coconut protein topper.

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muscle repairer parfait
muscle repairer parfait
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This parfait is super rich in omega 6 fats, calcium and magnesium. They help to recuperate the muscle after intense exercise to combat oxidative stress and replenish used up mineral stores.

Jess, graze nutritionist


One of the snacks in this recipe has been delisted! Check out the products below the instructions for substitute suggestions.


  • greek yoghurt
  • honey drizzled cashews
  • mango
  • rustic rolled oats
  • handful blanched almonds
  • 1 punnet graze protein topper


Layer the bottom of the jar with rustic rolled oats or your favourite granola, then add a layer of natural greek yoghurt and sprinkle on some honey roasted cashews.

Layer on the last of the greek yoghurt and top with mango & coconut protein topper. Drizzle with passionfruit sauce and top with fresh mango slices.

Store in the fridge overnight or eat straight away with a spoon!

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By Jess, graze nutritionist.

Our nutritionist extraordinaire, Jess trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is a registered practitioner with the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. She's the creator of our health badges, to help you choose the snacks and boxes that are right for you. Check out everything from Jess on our blog, with recipes and tricks to help you keep making better choices, or go to her website at for even more.

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