carrot crisp chocolate bark

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Chocolate game is on point with this recipe from guest blogger Shaliza. Her carrot crisp chocolate bark has chia, hemp, buckwheat, quinoa, carrot chips, and the best part is it's gluten-free and uses no refined sugars!

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carrot crisps
chocolate bark
chocolate bark
carrot crisps chocolate bark


  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 5 tbsp raw honey
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • 2 tbsp buckwheat
  • 2 tbsp quinoa
  • graze carrot crisps


Melt chocolate according to package directions and sweeten with honey to taste.

Add chia, hemp, buckwheat and quinoa, mix and pour into parchment paper.

Spread to desired thickness and sprinkle the carrot crisps on top, and place in the fridge until solid....about 15 mins.

Break into pieces or cut into squares.


By Shaliza, chef at Nalos Bakery.

Mum and baker of refined-sugar and gluten-free goodies, Shaliza loves getting her ingredients from the graze pantry. Check out her creations at @NalosBakery

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