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5 food trend predictions

Working in New York gives our taste expert Eva the freshest view of the hottest upcoming food trends. We asked her what flavours and ingredients will be blowing up in the New Year…

popsicles 1


The classic treat is having a resurgence as more options are “pop"ping (sorry, had to) up with value-added benefits such as probiotics, fruits AND vegetables, and all-natural options without artificial colors or ingredients.

Brands to watch: Life Ice, Good Pops, Ruby Rockets (pictured)

cricket bars large 2


…particularly crickets, are making a splash in the snacking world as they show up in bars, tortilla chips, and cookies!

They are a strong source of magnesium, iron, and complete protein meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids and are typically ground up to make flour which is versatile and easily used across various applications.”

Brands to watch: Exo Protein Bars, Chapul Protein Bars (pictured), Bitty

spirulina smoothie 3


Various types of algae have replaced goji and acai berries as the next superfoods; spirulina and chlorella are two of the more popular algaes right now as they are high in protein and vitamins and contain detoxifying properties.

Found in everything from smoothies to ice creams, they are easily incorporated into snacking and widely available.

artichoke water 4


Artichoke, Birch, Maple, Cactus and Watermelon are all now available as ingredients in enhanced waters; each ingredient boasts a different benefit from essential vitamins to antioxidants making these new options alternatives to the more popular coconut water.”

Brands to watch: Arty Water (pictured), Wtrmln Wtr, Cali Water

turmeric water 5

turmeric drinks

Although around for thousands of years, this ancient spice is already a food trend, but will now start showing up in more products from popular tea brands to on-the-go beverages.

It is best know as an anti-inflammatory and often paired with ginger to round out the peppery flavour.”

Brands to Watch: Temple Turmeric (pictured)

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