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trend alert: smoked is the new bbq

18th October 2017 by Holly

The smoky flavours trend started building in 2016 and now we're witnessing its popularity in all its delicious glory.

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One reason for the growing popularity of smoky flavours is that barbeque is already a very mainstream smoky flavour, so many people’s taste buds are already accustomed and ready for more.

The land is ripe for smoky tastes in new exciting formats and combinations, such as smoked butters, cheeses, meats, fruits, alcohols.

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Our instinct is to associate fire and smoke smells with meat cooking - this is why smoky smells can make us hungry.

Holly, graze taste expert
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smoked by any other name...

Did you know that smouldering smoky flavour we know and love is not always achieved by actually smoking foods? They appear on menus as ‘charred’, ‘flame-grilled’, ‘burnt’, ‘blistered’, ‘barbecued’.

The current most unique use of the smoky flavour is on fruits, flowers and in cocktails.

Coconut chip snack companies are now offering smoky flavours. Charred figs and strawberries are appearing on more menus, and cocktail mixologists are findings ways to smoke cocktails over woodchips, add charred fruits and herbs or use pre-made smoke infused spirits.

The internet is starting to flood with DIY instructions on how to smoke foods at home, and you can buy woodchips at your local Waitrose. However, there are some short cuts to achieving a smoky flavour, without setting anything on fire. For instance, you can use smoked butters, oils, salts and spices in your cooking - hello smoked paprika.

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This sweet and smoky rib rub is perfect for bbq’s. Fire up the grill, this rib rub is an easy and tasty way to liven up your meat. Not only is it great on ribs but it’s super yummy on grilled chicken too.

Tip: Store the rub in glass shaker jars to make storage easy!

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Smoky Red Pepper Hummus

Homemade hummus is super delicious and really easy, and as it’s full of protein rich chickpeas, an essential ingredient for any vegetarian/veggie lover to have on hand for snacking, sandwiches, toasties and.. well more snacking.

I love hummus in all its guises, but this particular variation brings together not only my favourite scrummy chickpeas, but my other love, silky, smoky peppers. Together they make a lush, snacky & ever so slightly addictive dip. I added a little extra chilli powder to mine, add more if you like a little heat, or omit if you’re not a chilli fan.

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Smoky paprika peppers

Perfect for when you fancy some deli style nibbles or want to impress dinner guests with a homemade charcuterie spread. Try enjoying these delicious smoky peppers on warm pitta bread...

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These smoky, flavourful bean burgers are not only delicious but are also vegan, gluten-free, grain-free and low fat! And they're really simple – just roast sweet potato, black beans (or kidney beans) and arrowroot powder (a grain-free starch).

I love the flavour from roasting the sweet potatoes but if you want to save time on cooking, you could microwave or steam the sweet potatoes instead of roasting them.

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Smoky cannellini beans on garlic toast

This recipe for smoky cannelloni beans on garlic toast is packed with flavour, vegetarian, ready in just 20 minutes AND under 500 calories. What more could you want for a midweek meal?

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