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top 5 baking tips from Lily Vanilli

4th December 2015 by Sophie

Cake connoisseur Lily Vanilli is marked as one of the premier cake designers in London, with a thriving bakery on Columbia Road, two bakery books under her belt, and a star-studded customer list that includes Elton John, Alexander McQueen, and Downing Street.

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We sent her one of our limited edition deliciously different champagne christmas puddings to see what she could do. While we watched her work, she filled us in on her top 5 baking tips.


Don’t skip the science bit.

Read up on how baking works, understanding why a particular method is in place will make you a much more intuitive baker.


Practice makes perfect.

I train my staff in the style of Mr Miyagi from the karate kid - study the basics over and over until you master them - then you can go on to do anything.


Always check that you have the right pan size.

People spend time and money getting the ingredients right, then tip the batter into any old pan they have and the cake has no chance.


Mind the temperatures of your ingredients.

It might seem like a minor detail in the recipe, but in fact it’s crucial to getting a good bake - stick to the recipe’s advice - cold butter for pastry, room temperature for cakes and so on.


Invest in a good quality oven mitt.

None of this tea towel nonsense - safety comes first.

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And here’s Lily’s dressed-up christmas pud!

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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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