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20th March 2017 by Sophie

Another Friday in 2006 with a full fruit bowl and an empty biscuit tin is the last straw! We start experimenting with our own snack creations…

2007 - let's make good exciting

The graze jaffa cake is born - same great taste with the benefits of fibre and vitamins!

try the graze jaffa cake
herby bread basket

2009 - we have our 100th snack launch

The beauty of our grazers’ ratings is that we’re getting constant feedback on our creations. We’re always creating new things we think you’ll like, and we launch our 100th snack.

the white family

2010 - Ellie becomes “the taste”

Turns out the taste buds of our chief taste expert Ellie are worth a whopping £3m!

read more about Ellie
breakfast box

2011 - we launch new graze boxes

Our kids box and breakfast box are born, heralding the age of different types of graze box. Now we have over 25 different types of graze box!


2012 - we’re on telly!

We have lots of fun creating (and starring in) our own TV ad.

USA boxes

2013 - graze hits the USA!

We set up our Stateside headquarters right in the middle of NYC and start sending graze boxes to American snackers.

school of farming
graze taste experts kitchen

2014 - we start blogging

Our taste experts need somewhere to keep all their snack hacks and healthy recipes, so they start the graze blog.


2015 - we’re in shops!

We nearly explode with excitement when we see our very own snacks in shops nationwide.

... and we explore the future of snacking

To celebrate our 1500th snack creation, our taste experts collaborate with Michelin star chef Simon Rogan to create the world’s most exclusive snack box.


2016 - we open the graze online shop

We launch the new graze online shop, where snackers all over the country can stock up on their favourite graze snacks in the size they want, whenever they fancy!

visit the graze shop
superfood taste experts square
massive jan

2017 - we give away 1 million snacks

We help London commuters get back to work after Christmas by handing out our new Veggie Protein Power snack around Waterloo, Kings Cross, London Bridge and Liverpool Street.

taste experts
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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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