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Our taste experts are always coming up with new ideas. In fact, the graze kitchen recently saw its 1500th snack invention! To celebrate how far we’ve come, we decided to explore how far it’s possible to go…

Simon Rogan

The future of snacking is here, and it’s in a graze box.

We decided that in order to venture into truly unexplored territory, we needed to partner up with a seriously innovative chef, a culinary daredevil who wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries.

We searched for the right partner, and we found Simon Rogan; foraging pioneer, Great British Menu winner, and Michelin star chef.

Simon Rogan and Ele

Together, he and our taste experts agreed joined forces to explore what is possible with the latest culinary technology, and what the future of snacking might taste like.

Our chief taste expert Ellie spent the day with Simon in his kitchen at Claridge’s, experimenting with different techniques and combining exciting new ingredients.

Simon and Ellie wanted to create something truly unique, but also utterly delicious - to go where no chef has gone before, without sacrificing taste.

gourmet graze box

From lobster puffs with horseradish meringue to hazelnut biscuit and freeze dried mascarpone, each innovative snack creation was made using cutting edge techniques and combined using all the skill of two masters of flavour.

Together, Simon and Ellie chose four gourmet snacks, designed to take the taster on a journey through the dishes of a four course Michelin star meal from starter to dessert.

Simply put, these snacks are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

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