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how to freeze dry at home

Visiting scientist Nathan Bailey explains freeze drying, a process that preserves food without taking away from the flavour.

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In celebration of the graze kitchen’s 1500th snack creation, our taste experts joined forces with Michelin star chef Simon Rogan, to explore the latest culinary technology and taste the future of snacking.

One of the cutting edge techniques that chief taste expert Ellie explored on her day in Simon Rogan’s kitchen was freeze drying, a process that preserves food without taking away from the flavour.

Now, thanks to visiting scientist Nathan Bailey, you can freeze dry any ingredient you choose, without any sophisticated condensing or cooling equipment.

freeze dry materials


  • dish of ingredients you wish to freeze dry
  • seal top jar with hole for sucking out air
  • vacuum pump (e.g. wine saver hand pump)
  • calcium chloride powder (double the weight of your ingredients)*

*make sure none of this gets into your food, it’s safe to eat but it tastes gross

freeze drying method


  1. Prepare your ingredients by slicing into thin strips or small chunks.
  2. First, flash freeze your ingredients - remove as much moisture as possible with kitchen roll, place on baking sheet and leave in the freezer until frozen solid.
  3. Pour the calcium chloride into the bottom of the jar and place the dish of ingredients on top.
  4. Seel the lid of the jar and remove as much air as possible with the hand pump.
  5. Place the jar in your freezer and leave for 24 hours.
  6. Repeat the air removal process, then leave for around a week.
freeze dried strawberries

Read more about this method and others, such as using an instant marination container (pictured left), over at

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