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29th September 2017 by Sophie

To celebrate our new teriyaki flavoured snack, our taste experts have chosen their favourite teriyaki recipes - whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore, there's a recipe here for you.

beef teriyaki 1

teriyaki beef

According to Buzzfeed tasty, you have to make these teriyaki steak roll-ups this weekend.

To save time you can buy pre-chopped veg. Otherwise get your chopping knife out! Like spring rolls but wrapped in beef, this recipe is perfect for a party.

teriyaki steak roll-up
teriyaki ribs 2

teriyaki pork

These five spice slow cooker teriyaki ribs are tender, sticky and totally irresistible! Cook in your crockpot and then put under the grill for maximum deliciousness.

This is an extremely low effort recipe – your slow cooker will do most of the work, cooking the ribs until the meat is tender and succulent. You will need to finish them off in the oven under the grill to bring them to the ultimate deliciousness however – simply spread them on a sheet pan, drizzle with honey and pour over some of the sauce then grill until sticky and just irresistible.


five spice slow cooker teriyaki ribs
teriyaki wonton 3

teriyaki chicken

My favourite meal without a doubt would have to be Applebee’s chicken wonton tacos. Honestly, I could eat them all day, and I would not feel guilty about it at all! They are also low in calories, which makes them taste that much sweeter.

The appetiser at Applebees tops the tacos with cole-saw, but I’m not a fan. Mayonnaise = yuck! In my recipe, I simply added the same coleslaw ingredients and dropped the mayonnaise. This recipe is so simple for how outstanding they taste that I ended up making them all week for lunch.


teriyaki chicken wonton cups
turkey burger 4

teriyaki turkey

Fire up the grill this weekend and make these Teriyaki Turkey Burgers with Grilled Pineapple and Onions. The grilled toppings on these burgers put them over the top!

I love teriyaki anything so it only made sense to add it into the burger mix and use some of the extra as a sauce on top. I took an extra step and made my own teriyaki sauce so I could control the ingredients and sweetness of it. It’s a super easy sauce to make and only took a few extra minutes, plus it tastes awesome!


teriyaki turkey burgers with grilled pineapple
teriyaki salmon 5

teriyaki salmon

Easy Teriyaki Salmon pan-fried to perfection and served with a homemade teriyaki sauce! Serve with rice and veg to make it a meal!

I’ve been eating tons of salmon lately. It is hands down my favourite fish to eat. It’s mild and super easy to prepare.

The salmon gets marinated in a simple teriyaki sauce then pan fried. The sauce compliments the salmon perfectly and is sweet, tangy and thick. I reserve half the sauce for marinating and the other half for glazing the salmon during cooking.


easy teriyaki salmon
teriyaki shrimp 6

teriyaki shrimp

This healthy and massively flavourful dinner recipe took me 30 minutes and the leftovers hit the spot for lunch the next day. It’s the kind of carefree dinner you’ll want around for the rest of the warm weather, not to mention as the weeks get busier throughout autumn.

This homemade sauce is actually quite easy to make using just a few simple ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, honey, and cornstarch to name a few. Basically all things you probably have in that kitchen cabinet right now. And the sauce doubles as the marinade, putting this at convenience level 10+++.


30 minute teriyaki shrimp
teriyaki tofu 7

teriyaki tofu

Honestly speaking, this vegan teriyaki tofu one of my favourite tofu dishes to cook. Two very good reasons here: because it’s delicious AND it’s super easy.

The key here is to fry the extra firm tofu with some salt first, and then pour the teriyaki sauce over. The teriyaki sauce is literally two ingredients by the way: brown rice syrup + soy sauce. I didn’t lie to you about it being easy, eh?


easiest vegan teriyaki tofu
teriyaki mushrooms 8

teriyaki mushrooms

Hoooly yum. These teriyaki mushroom bowls are the bomb. Excuse the obnoxiousness, but seriously – juicy mushrooms in a sweet, salty and sticky sauce? They totally deserve it. Especially when they’re served with homemade egg fried rice and steamed pak choi – an East Asian-inspired bowl of deliciousness.

The teriyaki sauce is actually really easy to make – it’s mostly just soy sauce and honey, with a few additional ingredients for extra pops of flavour (has there ever been a time when fresh garlic didn’t improve a dish?). Let the mushrooms bubble away in the sauce for a little while until it thickens up and gets nice and sticky. I tell you, this stuff is dangerously good.


teriyaki mushroom egg fried rice bowls
teriyaki cauliflower tacos 9

teriyaki cauliflower

Vegan Teriyaki Cauliflower Tacos. Full of fresh flavours, these are a great dinner or snack!

The sauce is really tangy and sweet, and by baking the cauliflower, it gets these gorgeous crispy edges and a soft, melty middle. Throw on all the fresh toppings and boom! The best vegan taco you’ve ever had!


veggie spring rolls 10

teriyaki veggies

These teriyaki veggie spring rolls are light and tasty and surprisingly filling. Made with simple, healthy ingredients, they are quick and easy to assemble.

I whipped these up in less than half an hour the other night when my daughter had a hankering for sushi. I grabbed some ingredients I had on hand and mixed them together to see if I could make something to satisfy her craving. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy spring roll wrappers are to work with. You simply dip them in a warm bowl of water then lay them flat on a plate!


teriyaki veggie spring rolls
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