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sustainable grazing: plastic, packaging and ingredients

26th January 2018 by Sophie

When we founded graze in 2008 we wanted to reimagine the world of snacking, to create snacks that do you good and taste great. We believed (and still do) that being kind to the planet is part of that mission.

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We’ve achieved a fair amount (raising £140k for the graze school of farming in Uganda was a highlight), but we’ve still got lots to do, even if it’s not always easy to know the best direction.

That’s why we’re always putting in measures to help us achieve our eco-friendly ambitions, from inventing new packaging that helps get our snacks to grazers, to choosing the best places to get our ingredients.

  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable boxes. Glue-less kraft boxes, using thin cardboard from sustainable forests, means our graze boxes are completely biodegradable and recyclable. Even the nutrition booklets inside are made of biodegradable paper from sustainable forests.
  • All punnets made of partly recycled plastic. Our plastic punnet, made of 60-80% recycled material, is a big part of who we are, helping to keep your snacks safe and fresh as they travel across the country to your doorstep.
  • Partners we’re proud of. As the ingredients of our snacks are so important to us, we’re passionate about working with partners who help us source responsibly.
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What’s next?

We've designed our packaging to take great care of your snacks and carefully picked materials that are sensitive to the environment, but we're always looking to improve.

We’re currently working on significantly reducing the thickness of our plastic punnets. This is called lightweighting and means we use less plastic in the process. We'll also be increasing the use of readily recyclable mono-polymer plastics in our supply chain.

For each plan our priority is going to be finding alternative packaging materials with minimum environmental impact, whilst still protecting our snacks and keeping them as fresh as possible as they travel around the country.

We don’t take these commitments lightly, and will be researching and testing new materials thoroughly before introducing them. Watch this space!

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