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Snack stories: protein bites

14th May 2018 by Simon

We don’t just stop at tasty. Making sure our snacks give you a helping hand is top of our list too. We make it our business to take your favourite recipes, and find ways to make them even better.

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rock the oat

Take our award-winning flapjack, hand baked in the Cotswolds. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Not for graze’s resident fitness freak, Holly. She wanted to raise the bar when it came to what our flapjacks had to offer and create a delicious snack that would give her energy on-the-go.

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We wanted our flapjack to go the extra mile, so we mixed rustic oaty goodness with delicious rich cocoa and gave it an extra protein boost to make this a pocket-sized pick-me-up.

Holly, graze taste expert
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good protein fun

And now this fan-favourite is Holly’s go-to gym snack! The same great taste, but a new and improved recipe and always baked in small batches so they keep their natural goodness. There you have it, Holly’s cocoa and vanilla protein bites: a source of protein, fibre and energy-releasing manganese.

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By Simon, graze blogger.

Simon is one of our in-house writers, who covers everything graze! He loves experimenting in the kitchen, and running to balance his obsession with food.

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