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picnic-knacks: summer snack swaps for veggies

17th August 2018 by Simon

In case you haven’t looked outside recently, we’re having the best summer since flares were the national trouser (if you consider this week a small blip). There’s only one thing for it - it’s time to spread out on a rug with family or friends and tuck into the picnic of the century. Turns out there’s a knack to the perfect picnic, so we thought we’d share some tips in case you want to add a little something different to your basket.

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Snacking swaps

There are quite a few elements to the anatomy of the picnic. It’s a dining form that allows a lot of variations and ideas. That’s what makes it so great! We all know where we normally get our savoury crunchy textures from, but what if there was more to crunch than crisps?

Enter the graze sharing bag. Choose from our full range to explore a variety of different ingredients and tastes, all resealable, which is perfect if you need to nab a new picnic spot in a hurry (hot tip: prime locations are near trees for a choice of sun and shade). Here’s a few awesome summer-y flavours we’d recommend for the occasion:

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Wholesome ingredients

Everyone loves a spontaneous picnic, but it can mean we end up purchasing a bunch of ready-made treats from the supermarket. If you do have a bit of time for some prep, there are really easy ways to get delicious, unprocessed foods into your blanket banquet.

“Plant-based, whole and unprocessed foods tend to be naturally abundant in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and healthy fats.”

Jess, graze nutritionist

A great way to get more greens in your basket is to prep some veggies for easy dipping, salad topping or straight-up munching! They’ll also add amazing splashes of colour to your rug-full of delights. You’re sure to be the envy of the park.

Here’s some of our snacks that put plants in prime position, to get you inspired:

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Go veggie

Plant-based diets are growing (no pun intended), which means there are loads more vegan and veggie alternatives out there that are just as (if not more) delicious than the original. As proud owners of an all vegetarian range of snacks, we’re obviously big supporters of the all-veggie picnic!

You can find vegan and veggie friendly options everywhere! Why not try making a vegan slaw, or salad pots instead of sarnies?

Check out our selection of vegan snacks for some simple sides:

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By Simon, graze blogger.

Simon is one of our in-house writers, who covers everything graze! He loves experimenting in the kitchen, and running to balance his obsession with food.

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