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16th November 2018 by Bobby

What if your favourite treat had a wholesome twist? Meet our new oat millionaires, made with wholegrain oats, plant protein, date caramel and delicious toppings, giving you at least 10g of protein without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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We love the natural goodness of oats here at graze, and we’re always experimenting with new tasty recipes. Our brand new oat millionaires are packed with wholegrain oats and layered with exciting new ingredients, making each bite a wholesome source of plant protein and fibre, with layers of indulgent flavour to keep your taste buds interested.

Bobby, graze taste expert
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What are the flavours?

We think the key to the delicious flavour of these wholesome plant protein boosts lies in the layers - if you like millionaire shortbread then you’re in for a treat! Each tasty combo starts with a crunchy wholegrain protein oat base, which is then spread with gooey date caramel and sprinkled or drizzled with a delectable topping.

Peanut butter & dark cocoa oat millionaire layers our protein oat base with peanut butter date caramel topped with dark cocoa and salted roasted peanuts.

Raspberry & dark cacao oat millionaire looks as vibrant as it tastes, with fruity raspberry date caramel and a cocoa drizzle sprinkled with crunchy cacao nibs.

Orange & dark cacao oat millionaire packs as much zesty fruit flavour in as possible, with sweet and tangy orange date caramel sprinkled with linseeds and cacao nibs.

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By Bobby, graze taste expert.

Taste expert Bobby is always coming up with new snack ideas (you can thank him for our delicious popcorn). He specialises in sustaining savoury snacks packed with plant protein.

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