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meet Augustine: head of the school of farming

21st March 2016 by Sophie

The graze School of Farming is run by the inspirational Mr. Augustine, a passionate believer in the power of education, who has dedicated himself to teaching farming skills and turning around the fortunes of those in his community.

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One of the 5 principles of the graze School of Farming is to develop the best farming techniques for the area. Unsurprisingly, you can't just chuck some seeds on the ground and expect them to grow - every area has its own conditions that need to be adapted to. That's where Mr Augustine's experiments come in.

He tirelessly tests new crops, varieties and methods to find those most suited to the ground in Kabubbu. Using the methods he comes up with, his students have achieved ten times more crops than with traditional farming methods - and each season the yield increases even more!

In this image you can see Mr Augustine showing off the crop grown by his modern techniques on the left, compared to the stunted growth of old techniques on the right.


Mr Augustine and his team of trainers assist all of our graduates through their first few seasons to ensure all the lessons are put into practise and the full benefit of the course is reaped.

They also give ongoing advice on the best storage methods for the crops and when they should take produce to market, to make sure students and graduates get the best out of their harvests.

So far, over 400 graduates have been successfully trained in modern farming techniques at the graze school of farming. That's 400 families who can now feed and support themselves.

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