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11th August 2017 by Holly

Meet our latest graze labs inventions - these mini protein balls are like nothing we've ever made before, and we can't wait for you to try them!

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We think protein and fibre go perfectly together - so we’ve rolled them up into these deliciously sweet and nutty mini protein balls, perfect for popping in pockets and bags for energy emergencies.

Holly, graze taste expert
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If you’re a fan of peanut butter and chocolate, then this is the energy boost you’ve been dreaming of.

Portioned by our nutritionist to give you just the right amount, these mini protein balls are ideal for enjoying on-the-go.

lemon honey protein balls

Handmade using only 8 ingredients, these mini protein balls have a light, uplifting taste that makes them the perfect sweet pick-me-up.

We’ve upgraded the natural protein from the peanut butter with whey protein, to create a delicious and handy source of protein that only comes to 162 calories! Add the source of fibre from the dates and coconut and you’ve got yourself some truly nourishing nibbles.

coconut protein balls

Peanut butter & cocoa mini protein balls are one of our graze labs inventions. If you love it and think it should become a permanent member of the graze range, leave a review on the product page.

We'll read all the reviews to see which mini protein balls flavour is most popular among our grazers - this is how we decide the winner!

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By Holly, assistant taste expert.

Holly is the newest member of the taste team, working with Bobby to make sure our snacks are always the best they can be. She's got a sweet tooth and especially enjoys working with chocolate and creating our unique deconstructed desserts.

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