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19th May 2017 by Sophie

Say hello to the team behind the snacks! Our taste experts work with our nutritionist to come up with the exciting flavours you get in your graze boxes. Get to know Bobby, Jocelyn, Holly and Grace and find out what snacks they're working on...

taste experts

the taste experts

Our taste experts are always experimenting in the graze kitchen. In the last 8 years they’ve invented nearly 2,000 new graze snacks and tasted even more ingredients!


I love testing out delicious plant-based recipes in the graze kitchen. I can't resist a savoury snack - my latest inventions are inspired by veggie protein power - so crunchy and satisfying!

Bobby, graze taste expert

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I have a serious sweet tooth so naturally our famous deconstructed desserts are my favourite to taste test. I love creating snacks that'll satisfy all your sweet cravings - like dark chocolate cherry tart - yum!

Holly, assistant taste expert

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I specialise in creating sweet energy boosts, like our cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack. One of my favourite things to do is create tasty, new flapjack recipes!

Jocelyn, graze taste expert

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My favourite memory at graze was watching our delicious almonds being smoked over hickory wood in Italy. Ever since then I've been whipping up even more savoury snacks to satisfy your cravings for something crunchy.

Grace, graze taste expert

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inspired by you

We live on feedback from our grazers - it keeps our range in tip-top shape.

Using our taste experts’ creativity and your snack ratings, we create new and exciting combinations you won’t find anywhere else.

To help bring this to life, we've started an exciting new project - the graze labs!

graze labs

The graze labs are your chance to sneak a peek at our snack experiments and see what our taste experts have been working on. And we're going to need your feedback! You'll get to trial the latest inventions and send us your verdict. Which snacks will make it to the graze range? You decide!

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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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