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6th November 2015 by Sophie

This group of quarry workers in Kabubbu, Uganda, were recently forced to abandon their jobs, leaving them with no income to support their families. They’ve joined together to create one of the first farming cooperatives in the local community.


meet the group of women working together to beat the system

Working as a team using modern farming techniques taught by the graze school of farming means the class of 2015 can grow twenty times more maize than they would otherwise be able to.

The income they will gain from selling their crop at the local market will allow them to feed their families and even send their children to school.

So far, over 400 graduates have been successfully trained in modern farming techniques at the graze school of farming in Kabubbu, Uganda.

That's 400 families who can now feed and support themselves.

Mr Augustine and his team of trainers assist all of our graduates through their first few seasons to ensure all the lessons are put into practise and the full benefit of the course is reaped. They also give ongoing advice on the best storage methods for the crops and when they should take produce to market, to make sure students and graduates get the best out of their harvests.

We’re also working on setting up a farmers cooperative to help the individual farmers get more bargaining power and even better prices. All of these mean a better future for the class of 2015 and the other 400 graduates of the school of farming!

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With your help, we've raised over £144,591 so far!

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