meet Christina: NYC fashion photographer

Meet grazer Christina Emilie, a New York City-based fashion and lifestyle photographer.

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Tell us a little bit about your recent projects.

My most recent work is with Sam Edelman, ModCloth, Feed Projects, and collaborations with Coach, Halston Heritage, and Free People. I also work with many of NY’s Fashion Bloggers. I love traveling for work and pleasure, and recently visited Greece, Japan, and China.

What’s your snacking philosophy and how do snacks fit into your life?

Snacks fit into my life very well! My job requires me to be pretty active. Living in New York, you can’t avoid walking and there are many times where I’m carrying a backpack full of equipment and a laptop for multiple shoots in a day. I try to keep healthy snacks on hand so that I’m eating smalls portions throughout the day, and to hold me over until I have time for a meal.

On days I’m in my studio editing, emailing, and organizing shoots, sitting a desk all day makes it easy think about your stomach! My ritual is usually 2 cups of coffee, one in the morning when I’m first sitting down, and one around 3pm to get me through the stretch of the afternoon. I have such a sweet tooth so always accompany my cup of joe with a sugary treat!


Which graze snacks are in your box? What’s your favorite and why?

The snacks in my Graze box are jam doughnut, salted pecan chocolate tart, the graze brownie, peaches & cream, and honeycomb crunch! My favorite is the lemon drizzle flapjack, it had such a satisfying taste and was chewy and sweet! Seriously tasted like dessert.


What’s in your camera bag (aside from snacks that keep you going)?

What’s in my camera bag depends on what I’m shooting. On a typical day, I’ll make sure to pack my Canon 85mmL lens, my 35mm, and my 70-200mm if I’m shooting a campaign or editorial. My camera body is a Canon Mark II. I also have a Fujifilm 100XT for when I’m shooting for my social media platforms.

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Food photography is as common on social media as a #selfie. Do you have any tips on taking a yummy looking Instagram shot?

It’s funny that food photography is almost as common as the #selfie! As with taking any photo, lighting is key. It’s easy to make food appealing if it is well lit and don’t forget to make sure it’s in focus!

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