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meet Jason, breakfast king

22nd March 2017

Jason arrived in the graze kitchen five years ago, and since his imagination and love of food has been behind so many of our greatest creations, we thought we’d introduce you to the man behind the hair…

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Tell us about what you do at graze.

I work with all our cool new stuff. When I first joined I helped launch our popcorn, and then I worked on our breakfast box. I love getting my teeth into anything that’s unconventional and challenging – creating things that are new and exciting and different. I just love to experiment with food, as you might be able to tell from my blog recipes!

jason buddha bowl

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Actually I really like generally making things. I’m learning to be a potter – I want to replace all my crockery with my own creations. I knit and sow, and I brew my own beer. I’m a keen gardener – this summer I only ate things I’d grown myself. I’ve got an ambition to be completely self-sufficient one day.

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What is your favourite graze snack?

Out of all my graze creations, the popcorn is my baby. I’m also a big fan of our jerkies - I mean, what’s not to love, it’s dried meat! It tastes fantastic and it comes with a dip that just adds a whole other layer of flavour. It’s also a great source of protein to fill you up and keep you going. If I’ve got a busy day that’s a great one to grab.

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By Jason, graze taste expert.

Taste expert Jason loves experimenting in the kitchen. He spends most of his time working with our tech team to keep the graze online shop running at its best. In his spare time he grows succulents and makes his own crockery.

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