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meet Ellie, Jess & Emma

There are inspirational women in every team here at graze HQ, so for International Women’s Day, we're introducing you to a few! Meet Ellie, Jess and Emma, three women graze could not live without.

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Ellie, chief taste expert

What is an average day as graze’s taste expert?

An average day for me might start with a brainstorm with the rest of the taste experts about what graze’s next range of new snacks could be. We regularly sample new ingredients and also spend a lot of time tracking down unique ingredients to create new graze snacks. Sometimes we have tasting sessions where we try a sample from every graze snack to make sure it still lives up to our high standards!

Then in the afternoon sometimes I will visit with one of our suppliers, like the small bakery that makes all of our whole oat flapjacks in the Cotswolds, to chat about ways to improve our recipes or try out new flavour ideas!

Ellie tea

Is it true your taste buds are worth £3 million pounds?

Yes! In 2011 graze had my taste buds valued at £3 million and there were lots of strict rules in the insurance policy – such as not being able to lick food from a knife, eat chillis with a Scoville heat rating over 350,000, or eat the potentially fatal Japanese blowfish, Fugu!

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Jess, the graze nutritionist

What is a typical day like as graze’s nutritionist?

My day starts with a 9:30 am brief with Ellie, our chief taste expert, where we map out my projects for the day. These usually include reviewing ingredients and health claims on products. I also write a lot of nutrition-related content or recipes for the graze website and blog, and occasionally star in videos!

Some days I also help the customer service team with nutrition related questions from our grazers. I’m basically always on hand to lend my thoughts and opinions on all things health-related at graze.


What is your favourite graze snack and why?

I love nuts as they keep my energy levels up and you can do so many inventive things with them. I love the graze natural energy nuts and I usually blend these to make energy balls.

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Emma, Retail Director

What is a typical day at graze for you?

Launching a business from scratch in 7 months meant playing many roles while I rapidly grew a great team. Now Graze has been in stores for just over a year, the day often starts with a management or sales team focus, for example meeting my executive board to discuss the strategy of Graze’s four separate business channels across the UK and USA. I’m a big proponent of regular 121s, so I meet with each of my senior team once a week individually.

Product innovation is king at Graze. We can bring a new snack to the market in 48 hours thanks to our manufacturing and design capability. So more often than not, I’ll have a session with our amazing product team, tasting new snack ideas to bring to the shops.

I’m often out visiting our retail partners or meeting up with other companies to see how they do things and find learnings and ideas we can share. I also believe in paying it forward as much as possible, so often have meetings with start-ups to offer advice on how to crack the industry. My day is usually a mixture of all of these things so it’s always a fresh challenge.

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