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what are kern pops?

14th August 2015 by Grace

We stumbled upon this unique ingredient when scouring the USA for interesting snacks we could bring back to the UK. We knew that it was something grazers wouldn’t have had before – we’re pretty sure we’re the first in the UK to make them!


I knew pesto would taste delicious with the crunchy texture of the kernels, so I started with a cheesy base, and then added in some of our popular basil baked breadsticks, creating a deliciously unique combination

Grace, graze taste expert
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Kern pops are made from the same kernels as popcorn, but baked in a different way to give them more crunch. Our Stateside taste expert discovered them on her travels around the USA and instantly knew that it would be the next big thing.

They’re a brand new way of satisfying that crisp craving – they have all the moreish taste and crunch, without the grease or bloating you get from crisps. Plus each of our kern pop snacks are expertly portioned to be less than 150 calories.

They make a great pre-dinner snack, ideal for preparing your taste buds for pizza, pasta or an Italian salad. Try sprinkling this snack over a pasta dish for a delicious added crunch!

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By Grace, graze taste expert.

Grace works with our ingredient hunters to combine all the latest discoveries in the tastiest ways. She particularly loves creating our crunchy crisp alternatives. She's a professionally trained chef so you know her recipes are going to be good!

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