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16th June 2017 by Bobby

Our famous flapjacks are made with the finest rolled oats and are hand baked in small batches, to make a flapjack that tastes genuinely homemade. Our taste expert Bobby took the classic recipe into the graze labs, adding innovative ingredients to craft these brand new flapjacks.

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We love experimenting with new flavours in our famous flapjack recipe! And since the success of our protein flapjacks, we thought we’d try adding some of our favourite new ingredients - ancient grain quinoa, superfood maca and baobab.

Bobby, graze taste expert
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We've added mixed seeds and a touch of superfood maca to our famous flapjack recipe, for a wholesome bake that’s a source of fibre, protein and manganese. We think you’re gonna love the caramel flavour from the maca!

What makes it taste so good?

Maca, also called “peruvian ginseng”, is a root superfood used for its energising, hormone balancing and immunity strengthening properties in the Great Incan Empire. It was so valuable they even used it as currency!

Inspired by the recent popularity of Peruvian ingredients, we thought maca, with its soothing caramel-like flavour, would go perfectly in our flapjack recipe.

What are the benefits?

Our taste experts have added soya protein crispies to our classic flapjack recipe, a simple blend of soy protein, rice flour, malt extract and a touch of salt. This is blended and then puffed in a similar way to rice crispies and makes these flapjacks a delicious source of protein.

And now we’ve even gone and upgraded this recipe with Bacillus coagulens, which you might know better as probiotics.

The linseeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds added to the mixture mean this flapjack is a source of essential minerals, fibre and protein. We recommend popping in your bag for a delicious energy boost on busy days.

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By Bobby, graze taste expert.

Taste expert Bobby is always coming up with new snack ideas (you can thank him for our delicious popcorn). He specialises in sustaining savoury snacks packed with plant protein.

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