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6 healthier comfort foods

21st September 2015 by Jess

We think exciting flavours should always leave you feeling good, so we’ve made it easier for you to enjoy these classic dishes, with a few simple twists from our nutritionist.

mushroom quinotto 1

mushroom risotto > mushroom quinotto

Quinoa makes for the perfect base for a risotto, containing all nine essential amino acids, and a whole load of protein, making for a highly balanced dish. Quinotto will be a winner for your family dinner, and an even better leftover option for lunch the next day. Because who doesn’t love dinner for lunch?

This traditional concept still has the familiar flavours of your fave risotto, but with a nutritious twist. Try adding some nuts or seeds for an extra protein boost!

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courgetti 2

spaghetti bolognese > courgetti bolognese

Switch your regular spaghetti for courgetti. For those of you that haven’t heard of ‘courgetti’, it’s simply raw courgettes that have been through a spirazlier or julienne peeler which turns them into long, spaghetti-like strings – perfect as a substitute for spaghetti. I know you’re thinking courgette and spaghetti are two worlds apart, but trust me, it’s amazing.

Drizzle it with olive oil and a touch of salt and mix your bolognaise through it and you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and fresher the dish is.

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mac n cheese 3

mac n’ cheese > quinoa cheese

There is no reason we can’t have it all. Rather than using pasta, like most traditional mac n cheese recipes use, try using the versatile seed, quinoa! This is a protein packed alternative that will help you to feel recharged and NOT sluggish like most comfort foods.

It has protein and fiber to keep you satisfied, improves your overall health, and quinoa contains ALL the amino acids as well.

You can add veggies to your recipe, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach all work, I love leeks too, but it can be anything you fancy really.

If you feel you are after the really “cheesy”-mac n’ cheese vibe… you can use a strong cheese which will go further, that way you can keep it lighter.

Serve the dish with a side of some sort of steamed veggies (or a salad).

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jacket potato 4

jacket potato > sweet potato jacket

Enjoy a sweet jacket potato and a protein filler like mackerel pate or bolognaise with kidney beans. This will help to reduce the rush of sugar release from the potato and keep your energy levels on a much more even keel.

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chips 5

fried egg & chips > hard boiled egg & wedges

Sweet potatoes can be sliced into wedges, part-boiled and then baked in the oven with coconut oil for a healthy chip alternative. Sprinkle with seeds and serve with hard boiled eggs, fresh green salad and a yoghurt dip.

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cauliflower pizza 6

takeaway pizza > cauliflower crust pizza

Using cauliflower, blending it with goat’s cheese, eggs and herbs can make the most delicious base for your pizza that is grain free (perfect for those with allergies). It sounds odd I know, but give it a go and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how you can slip a veggie into the pizza base without even knowing it.

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By Jess, graze nutritionist.

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