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Champagne Christmas pudding

Our taste expert Holly has given the traditional Christmas pudding a complete graze makeover. Using the best quality ingredients and her own imagination, she’s created the lightest and tastiest pud yet!

christmas pud

Our local bakery has been making puddings for over 70 years, so we didn’t have to go far to find the best bakers for the job.

It’s their baking wizardry that gives it a delicious golden appearance and super light texture. They add fine French Brut Champagne and only the best quality sultanas, raisins and currants to make this one seriously fruity pudding.

Top this pudding with a drizzle of melted Belgian white chocolate and a sprinkle of tangy freeze-dried raspberries, and you’ve got yourself a perfect pud that’s irresistibly light and decadently festive.

Get a decorating demonstration from cake connoisseur Lily Vanilli, as she drizzles the deliciously different graze Champagne Christmas pudding with Belgian white chocolate and raspberry decorations.

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