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how to snack in a zombie apocalypse

24th May 2017 by Sophie

A few healthy eating habits could help you survive the intense physical activity of a zombie outbreak, especially if you’re equipped with our post-apocalyptic snack suggestions.

Life is full of physically demanding challenges, like running marathons, climbing mountains, taking care of young children, and surviving zombie attacks. Any of those things might seem just as unlikely to you now, but one day you may actually have to face them, and then you’ll be glad you read this post.

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stay hydrated

It’s very important to stay hydrated and keep your body functioning at its best. When you’re trying to outwit a zombie horde, the last thing you want is brain fog.

Isotonic drinks are very popular amongst athletes, but you might not be able to get hold of your favourite brand after civilisation has fallen - never fear! You can make them very easily yourself.

Just mix together a bottle or glass of one part orange juice to two parts water, add ½ tsp salt and shake well. Done!

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don’t slack on vitamins & minerals

Your immune system won’t do squat against a zombie bite, but it will help you stay on your game so you don’t succumb to other infections. No one wants the flu during the apocalypse.

When fresh fruit is unavailable, a combination of dried fruit and nuts will get you where you need to be. Anything that provides vitamin C, magnesium or zinc will be useful, as these nutrients will help with wound healing, immune system support and bone strength.

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Stock up on these snacks to give yourself that edge over your fellow survivors.

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