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how to propagate succulents

22nd April 2016 by Sophie

If you love succulents as much as we do then you only want more of them! Well good news, you can recycle your graze box punnets to multiply your succulent collection like magic using a method called propagating. Happy Earth day!

succulent graze box
  1. Carefully remove the lower leaves of your succulent.
  2. Cut the succulent in half at the exposed stem.
  3. Let the ends dry out and callous over (this could take up to a week).
  4. Place leaves top of well-draining succulent soil in your graze punnets and leave on a window sill.
  5. Water very rarely until you see roots or baby leaves growing, then water once a day by spraying.
  6. When the parent leaf starts to dry up, remove it from the babies.
  7. Plant each baby in its own pot.
  8. Check back on your stump - it should have sprouted babies too!

For a full walk through of succulent propagation, take a look at blogger

Photo creds to @kaye_sedgwick

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