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28th December 2016 by Jess

If you’ve started to think about your New Year’s resolutions, then a) well done you and b) we’re here to help! At graze we think the secret to sticking to a resolution is making it fun! So this year we’re serving up some delicious snackspiration from the graze kitchen.

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If you set a resolution, it’s because you’re hoping for a positive change in your life, so I'm going to share my top tips to help make your habits, intentions and resolutions stick in 2017 (and beyond).

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figure out why you're doing it

Give yourself a feeling and a passion behind why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why do you want to achieve these goals? What’s your motivation? If you can find something outside of yourself to get you motivated then this can be really powerful. Put it all on an inspiration board to remind yourself daily.

Tip: Download these printable stickers for your inspiration board

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small changes, big difference

Your health is a reflection of what you do on a consistent basis, not a one-off action, so identifying some small changes which you can make and do every day can transform all areas of your life. Before you know it, you’ll have established a healthier routine!

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healthy habits

Automating a repertoire of good habits means that even when life gets busy, these habits are an automatic part of your life. Having your food shop delivered at a certain time or going to your favourite spinning or yoga class every week are classic examples.

Tip: Download our printable progress tracker and start planning ahead.

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focus on your successes

Rather than focusing on what you’re not currently doing and cutting loads of foods and bad habits out of your life, focusing on what you’re already doing successfully will make your journey so much more enjoyable.

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always start with breakfast

If you have an amazingly great breakfast in the morning, then it’s one down, two to go. You’re already 30% of the way there and it’s the easiest meal to prep if you’re on the smoothie bandwagon or have a well stocked fridge. You’re in total control of your food choices when you’re at home and it really sets you up for an amazing morning.

Tip: Add protein to your breakfast for the best start to the day.

10 ways to add protein to your breakfast

reward yourself

Appreciating and celebrating the salad you made at lunch or the breakfast you ate this morning are small wins which add up to form large gains! You can celebrate with a well deserved home spa or a trip to the movies or whatever else it is you like to do for fun!

Small victories result in big changes, which is what we want!

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make it as easy as possible

Tweaking your surroundings can make habit forming even easier. Packing your gym kit the night before removes the possibility of not being able to find your trainers or a clean pair of socks! Cooking in a nice kitchen makes cooking so much more enjoyable, maybe that involves buying yourself a new set of pans or having a kitchen cupboard and draw clear out and tidy.

Tip: Stock up on exciting snacks tailored for your health goal.

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By Jess, graze nutritionist.

Our nutritionist extraordinaire, Jess trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is a registered practitioner with the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. She's the creator of our health badges, to help you choose the snacks and boxes that are right for you. Check out everything from Jess on our blog, with recipes and tricks to help you keep making better choices, or go to her website at for even more.

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