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how to plan a fun run

26th April 2018 by Sophie

It’s one thing to raise money by running in a race, but have you ever thought of hosting your own?

pink graze snacks

This spring we're partnering with Tesco to turn pink for Cancer Research’s Race for Life.

As well as creating a range of limited edition snacks available exclusively to Tesco, we decided to organise our very own fun run at the graze HQ.

Everyone got involved!

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plotting the route

We used mapOmeter to help plan our run along the towpath in Richmond. Our event was intended to suit all abilities and ages, so we decided on a 2km route ideal for both runners and walkers.

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promoting the run

Everyone at graze HQ couldn’t wait to get involved, so we created a google form for people to sign up and share with friends and family keen to take part. We also used these posters, and stuck them up all around the office to remind people when the event would be held.

Cancer Research UK also have a guide on how to work with local media, for events that want to be bigger.

how to work with local media

collecting donations

Setting up a Giving Page was a useful tool we found to gather contributions really easily. Friends, family and colleagues can donate at the click of a button, and you don’t have you chase anyone with a piggy bank!

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getting race-ready

The most fun part of the event was seeing all of the fancy dress costumes. We had pink panthers, tutus and flamingos running. Even the CEO of graze, Anthony donned a rather fetching pink wig! We also supplied everyone with graze snacks and soft drinks as a reward for completing the run.

This is where you can really get creative and find fun ways to spice up the run


the legal bits

There’s no getting around these unfortunately, but here’s what we organised to cover all the angles:

  • We checked with our local council about needing a permit to hold a run. As our run involved a public place, we needed to have Public Liability Insurance. We also needed permission for collecting money at the event.
  • We contacted St John’s Ambulance about what type of First Aid we had to have. You can also contact Red Cross.
  • We found it useful to have a risk assessment completed before the event, to double check all of the necessary precautions were in place.
  • We had marshals at the front and back of our runners and walkers, to guide them in the right direction.
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Thank you to everyone who participated, helped and made the graze run such a great experience. We could not have done it without you! Our fundraising total currently stands at a whopping £875!

A huge thank you to the team who made it happen. A lot of hard work went into making it a reality… Ben Fuller, Thomas Langley, Pippi Brereton, Alice Steele, Hannah Barrett, Anna Capell, Faye Towers, Katherine Wynn-Davies. Finally, congratulations to Luke Thelwell for coming in first across the finish line!

graze for life

If this has inspired you to put on your own fun run in support of Cancer Research UK, please don’t forget to check their terms and conditions before putting on your event.

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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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