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how to make the most of lunch breaks

This one’s for all our grazers stuck at the office or at the library when you’d rather be outside. We’ve got good news - it’s important to take a break, refuel, and get a change of scenery. Lunchtime is the perfect opportunity.

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different locations

We know how easy it is to get stuck eating at your desk. Not only is this super unhygienic, it also means your day turns into one long slog. This summer, grab everything you need and head to your nearest green space.

Remember, habit makes time go quicker, so if you really want to make your break feel longer, try going somewhere different every day!

Find your local park
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different people

Staying with the theme of breaking habits - if your job means you spend the day alone at your desk, or if you spend the day studying on your own, try to interact with people over your lunch break.

Alternatively, if you spend the whole day on the phone or face to face with customers, clients and colleagues, perhaps take some time and space for yourself.

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different snacks

If you like to upgrade your sandwich or salad with a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar, try swapping them for some wholesome exciting snacks like our veggie crisps, as well as sweet treats like our famous flapjacks.

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