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recycling your graze box

21st April 2017 by Sophie

We've designed our packaging to take great care of your snacks and carefully picked materials that are sensitive to the environment, but we're always looking to improve!

graze box 1

Our graze box

We're really proud of our graze box. The card is really strong, so it's great at looking after your snacks, and we use as little material as possible (compare it to a normal cardboard box and you'll see what we mean).

Our thin card comes from sustainable forests, which is 100% biodegradable. Not only that, but we don’t use any glue to build our graze boxes. In fact, the box itself, the address label and the plastic banding are all 100% recyclable.

image credit to @fwx_marketing

Please recycle with your other paper and cardboard.

find out more about the cardboard we use
snack punnets in bag 2

Our snack punnets

Our punnets are made of 80% recycled plastic, and can be recycled. Check if your council will accept them with your normal recycling by clicking here.

Recycled by some councils with your other plastics.

The film lid isn't recyclable at the moment because it contains a special material with a perfect seal to keep your snacks fresh. This is a big deal for us, as we don't use any preservatives in our snacks.

We're always interested in new developments, and are looking into recyclable alternatives.

image credit to @rasawithpt

Please pop in your regular rubbish.

Recycle check
booklet 3

Our booklets

The little nutrition booklet that comes in your box is also made with paper from sustainable forests as well as being 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable.

image credit to @biibanca

Please recycle with your other paper and cardboard.

graze shop box 4

our shop boxes and multipacks

Our mutlipacks and the boxes we use to pack and deliver your graze shop orders are made of the same thin biodegradable cardboard as our subscription boxes. They are folded together with no glue, making them totally recyclable, along with the address labels.

image credit to @littlelistedliving

Please recycle with your other paper and cardboard.

retail packaging multipack sleeve 5

Our retail boxes and sleeves

Just like our boxes you receive in the post, our multipack boxes and punnet sleeves are biodegradable, 100% recyclable an made with wood from a sustainable forest.

image credit to @foodfitnessfamilyx

Please recycle with your other paper and cardboard.

protein bites super bites 6

our sharing bags and protein bites

The inside of our sharing bags, our protein balls packet and the individual wrappers for our protein bites and super bites are coated in a special material which helps keep the snack inside as fresh as possible. This means they're not widely recyclable, but we are looking into alternative materials.

image credit to @ame99018

Please pop in your regular rubbish.



Could the snack punnets be made of cardboard instead?
We take the handling of food very seriously here at graze. Unfortunately, using cardboard for each individual snack would mean they wouldn't be sealed, which would affect the quality of the snack as well as the shelf life. This is why we've used plastic punnets and lids.

Can the graze boxes or snack punnets be sent back to be reused?
We've had a few suggestions along these lines and we agree it would be great to offer this service.

Whilst lots of grazers are keen to be able to return their boxes, most people feel uncomfortable about receiving punnets which have been used before. As a result of this, we decided not to look into this idea.

sustainable grazing: plastic, packaging and ingredients

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