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healthy Christmas snacks for kids

18th December 2017 by Sophie

Some fun snack ideas to get the kids into the Christmas spirit, without all the sugar.

banana penguins 1

frozen banana penguins

These cute little penguins are a fun snack for winter. If your kids like bananas, they're sure to like this dressed up version too!

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rice krispies 2

Reindeer rice krispies

To make healthy versions of these rice krispie treats, try combining 2 cups of rice krispies with half a cup of nut butter and 1/2 cup of brown rice syrup or honey.

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sugar cookies 3

coconut sugar cookies

Delicious vegan sugar cookies made with coconut oil. These are perfect for cut-outs!

One of the best things about making vegan cookies is that you can eat all the dough you want without any salmonella concern. You can bet the three of us girls were licking the spoons. And your dairy free friends will have happy tummies.

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grinch fruit kebobs 4

grinch fruit kebobs

These are very simple to make and make a pretty healthy snack for the kids! These are also great for parties or just a fun snack for the little ones to enjoy making as well as eating.

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sandwich 5

Reindeer sandwiches

A heart shaped cookie cutter turns a regular old Pb&J sandwich into an adorable little reindeer sandwich. Pretzels for antlers, chocolate chip eyes, and a red M&M nose make this reindeer as cute as they are tasty. The kids will love them and request them every day until Christmas arrives! Make them for school, for a fun lunch at home, or for a kid friendly dish to pass at any holiday party.

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santa strawberry 6

strawberry santas

Much healthier fruit versions of the whipped cream alternatives you'll find in most recipes.

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banana snow men 7

Christmas Banana Snowmen

These little banana snowmen are a healthy snack that are still festive and fun for the kids.

Nutrition note: A fun and nutritious Christmas treat providing a natural energy boost with essential B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, fibre and antioxidants.

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