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Thanks to grazer Angela for sharing some of the amazing things she’s done with her old graze boxes!

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A few months ago I signed up to graze, along with a couple of colleagues. It's a great way to always have snacks at hand (perfect for when pregnancy hunger strikes!) and I love that each week it's a surprise what's in my box. do end up with a lot of boxes! They are cardboard so of course they can be recycled but the hoarder in me just can't bear not to use them somehow. So I started collecting them!

Inspiration struck and I started to turn these boxes into little play scenes for Wiss. The boxes lend themselves to endless scenarios and adaptations, and best of all they can be closed up when not in use so make great portable toys.

Here are the hacks we have made so far...

dinosaur graze box
race track graze box

The Race Track

One of Wiss' other loves is Lightening McQueen and the Cars films. I made this track for his little Micro Machines to race on. I found the graphic online and stuck it across the whole box, then simply added some chevrons around the edges. A picture of Lewis Hamilton in his Formula 1car on the front means that Wiss can identify the box by himself.

London graze box
outer space graze box

Outer space

I let Wiss loose to make his own box and he came up with this! He covered the box in black tissue paper, added sequin stars, foam planets and even made an egg box satellite!

laptop graze box
marble run graze box

The Marble Run

This one has been a huge success! I lined the base of the box with bright coloured paper then stuck foam walls at various intervals allowing for a marble to pass through the gaps. Make sure the gaps are staggered to make the maze a little harder. Then cut a hole in each side to allow the marble to be put in, and drop out at the end. My mind has been racing with ideas of harder and more elaborate marble runs to make next!

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