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Grace's new snack inventions

20th September 2017 by Grace

Meet our latest graze labs inventions - Grace has taken some of the top flavour trends of 2017 and deconstructed them into deliciously healthy graze snacks!


For this round of graze labs inventions I chose my favourite flavours from this year's trends, using brand new glazed and roasted almonds to capture the intense savoury tastes.

Grace, graze taste expert
dill pickle snack

Dill pickle and pepper crunch

Dill pickle is so popular in the States, we couldn’t wait to introduce it over here! This plant protein snack is all about delicious flavour. The citrus of the broad beans really lift the savoury vinegar taste of the almonds, and combined with our pure carrot crisps you’ve got a delicious crisp alternative.

What makes it taste so good?

The vinegar pickle and dill taste of the almonds combined with the crunch of the carrot crisps and the fresh flavours of the black pepper and lemon broad beans makes this a delicious combination of flavours and textures, perfect to enjoy with lunch or as an afternoon snack.

What are the benefits?

Our carrot crisps are made using innovative microwave vacuum technology, dehydrating fresh carrot slices to capture their natural sweetness and vibrant colour, with no added sugar, salt or oil.

And on top of all that, the almonds and broad beans make this healthy snack high in fibre and a source of protein which will help your body to build muscle.

One of taste expert Grace’s newest inventions, this healthy snack ticks all the boxes.

With delicious pickle and citrus flavours and a crunch better than crisps, could dill pickle and pepper crunch be your next favourite?

sweet korean bbq snack

Sweet korean bbq crunch

As soon as we discovered these delicious Korean BBQ glazed almonds, we couldn’t wait to use them in a graze snack. We’ve used complementary flavours of soy sauce and black pepper, and boosted the whole thing with some crunchy black beans for a tasty source of protein and fibre.

What makes it taste so good?

Our almonds are roasted in batches in our West London roastery and dusted with a delicious black pepper seasoning. Add black beans, soy sauce sunflower seeds and our innovative new Korean BBQ glazed almonds and you’ve got yourself a crunchy snack packed with flavour.

What are the benefits?

Sweet korean bbq crunch is a good source of fibre and high in protein which will help your body to build muscle.

In fact, healthy snack is our highest protein snack ever!

The innovative new flavour of these Korean BBQ almonds teamed with delicious soy sauce sunflower seeds makes this one of our favourite inventions from the graze labs.

We added a twist of cracked black pepper to our roasted almonds for a sophisticated edge that would challenge a packet of crisps any day.

teriyaki snack

Fiery teriyaki crunch

We’ve teamed up chilli broad beans and jalapeno chickpeas with soy glazed almonds to capture the rich flavours of fiery Teriyaki. Add crunchy edamame beans and you’ve got a healthy savoury snack that packs a source of natural plant protein and fibre, at less than 150 calories!

What makes it taste so good?

We’ve added to the delicious flavour of these chickpeas by baking them in a warming chilli mix. Our almonds are roasted in batches in our West London roastery and glazed with soy sauce. Add chilli broad beans and dried edamame and you’ve got yourself a crunchy snack packed with flavour that will leave your tongue tingling.

What are the benefits?

Fiery teriyaki crunch is high in fibre and a source of protein which will help your body to build muscle.

Our nutritionist Jess recommends enjoying a portion of nuts and legumes everyday, as they are such a handy way to get in both great quality fats, essential vitamins and minerals.

With soy glazed almonds, jalapeno chickpeas, crunchy edamame beans and chilli broad beans to bring the texture of crisps and the warming flavours of teriyaki spice, the key to this snack is getting a mouthful of every ingredient.

mac n cheese snack

Grilled cheese crunch

Our cheese flavoured almonds are one of our favourite ingredients. Here we combined them with garlic sesame sticks, sour cream kern pops and brand new gouda puffs to make this crunchy source of plant protein. Beats a cheese sandwich any day!

What makes it taste so good?

We can’t reveal the super secret way our gouda puffs are made, but we can tell you they are all cheese and nothing but cheese!

Our cheese flavoured almonds are satisfyingly crunchy with their light coating of onion, paprika, turmeric, garlic, white pepper and yeast extract.

Paired with the intense savoury flavours of garlic sesame sticks and sour cream kern pops, this snack really earns its name.

What are the benefits?

As well as being high in fibre and protein which is needed for the maintenance of muscles, grilled cheese crunch is perfectly portioned to be less than 150 calories!

We can't get enough of cheese! Our gouda puffs are made of real Dutch gouda, puffed into these crunchy moreish pieces.

In Grace’s latest graze labs experiment she’s combined them with garlic sesame sticks and sour cream half popped corn kernels, then boosted the flavour even more with cheese flavoured almonds.


By Grace, graze taste expert.

Grace works with our ingredient hunters to combine all the latest discoveries in the tastiest ways. She particularly loves creating our crunchy crisp alternatives. She's a professionally trained chef so you know her recipes are going to be good!

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