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5th October 2015 by Ellie

When she was creating the graze Afternoon Infusion, our chief taste expert Ellie worked closely with a tea master. She came away with a flawless knowledge of how to store, brew and serve tea!

Ellie tea

always store in air tight containers

First and foremost you should always store your tea in an air-tight container that also keeps out light as this can cause your tea to deteriorate.

Exposure to air also causes your tea to go stale.

An air tight tin, tuppaware box or jar will make sure it lasts longer.

copper kettle

boil a kettle of fresh cold water

Don't fall into the trap of using leftover water from your last boil!

If your water has been boiled more than once it will have a lower oxygen content leaving you with a flat and bland tasting tea.

Pour it out and start over with some fresh, cold water.

copper kettle pour

pour boiled water over teabag

Put your teabag in the cup.

When your water has boiled, immediately pour it into the cup, making sure it hits the tea bag.

Never add your teabag after you've poured the water as this inhibits the infusion process.



Of course, you can give your tea a stir to speed this along, but the tea purist will wait the right amount of time for the tea to brew.

  • herbal 3-6 minutes
  • white 1-2 minutes
  • yellow 1-2 minutes
  • green 1-2 minutes
  • oolong 2-3 minutes
  • black 2-3 minutes

For the graze afternoon infusion, wait patiently for 2-3 minutes, depending on your preferred strength. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

and serve!

Use the tag to remove the teabag. Don’t squash or squeeze it as this will release more of the tannins leaving you with a bitter tasting tea. Then add a splash of milk, or a wedge of lemon, or just enjoy straight up!

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