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What if you were fuelled by oats?

5th January 2018 by Sophie

Take a bite out of 2018 with our handmade protein bites. Made with rustic rolled oats and flavoured with natural ingredients like vanilla and rich cocoa, they're the tastiest way to get more protein when you're out and about.

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We’ve upgraded the rustic oaty goodness of our famous flapjack with linseeds, sunflower seeds and soy protein to make this pocket-sized pick-me-up.

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snack for the afternoon slump

Nobody ever made a wise food choice when they were hangry. When you are hungry, bored or stressed, your body will crave a refuel and it’ll crave foods or drinks that it knows will give it an immediate pick-me-up.

Having drawer snacks on standby means that you can have a stash of go-to foods at the ready.

Full of healthy fats, minerals, protein and fibre, protein bites are always worth keeping by your side.

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snack for your travels

Traveling is prime snacking time - trolley snacks, vending machines, complementary food… but feeling bloated when you’re trying to relax is not so much fun. If you’re trying to adopt healthier habits, you need to be prepared!

Try packing protein bites in your on-hand luggage to help get you through any flight or car journey. The handy packets in their perfect portions fit easily in your travel bag and mean that if you arrive at night at your destination or have a delayed flight, you aren’t without a protein boost to keep you going!

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Out of stock?

If your favourite protein bites flavour is out of stock on our online shop, try checking out your nearest supermarket!

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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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