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baking hack #7 - xanthan gum

23rd September 2015 by Bobby

To celebrate the Great British Bake Off, we're revealing the best baking hacks from the graze kitchen...

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I use xanthan gum to bind the whole oats in our protein flapjack, giving it a satisfyingly gooey texture and reducing the amount of sugar needed. The more common use for it however is as a gluten substitute to improve the texture of bakes.

Bobby, graze taste expert
baking hack - xanthan gum

why xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum is a truly magic baking ingredient. Not only does it help make gluten-free dough and cake mixtures less crumbly. It also helps to trap air into baking mixtures, giving them a lighter texture.

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By Bobby, graze taste expert.

Taste expert Bobby is always coming up with new snack ideas (you can thank him for our delicious popcorn). He specialises in sustaining savoury snacks packed with plant protein.

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