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baking hack #6 - date puree

16th September 2015 by Grace

To celebrate the Great British Bake Off, we're revealing the best baking hacks from the graze kitchen...


To make our deliciously gooey sticky toffee pudding, the taste experts got rid of butter and refined sugar and replaced them with rapeseed oil and date puree. This makes it moist and naturally rich. I invented the delicious toffee sauce, and together it comes in at just 138 cals.

Grace, graze taste expert
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sticky toffee pud

why date puree?

Date puree is our favourite substitute for refined sugar, as it adds a really natural, earthy flavour to bakes. If you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake or stick to natural foods, this is for you.

It’s packed with great stuff like fibre, magnesium and vitamin B, and a very good source of dietary potassium. They’re also rarely processed, so you don’t have to worry about any added sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

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How to use date puree

The key to puree-ing dates is to soften them first. Try to get your hands on Medjool dates instead of the hard bagged variety. 6 or 7 of these should equate to 200g of sugar. Soak them in 100ml boiling water overnight before blending into a puree.

All dried fruit purees are naturally extremely moist, so start with only 75% of the dry ingredients stated in your recipe, and add more as needed.

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By Grace, graze taste expert.

Grace works with our ingredient hunters to combine all the latest discoveries in the tastiest ways. She is a professionally trained chef so you know her recipes are going to be good!

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