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baking hack #4 - apple fibre

2nd September 2015 by Ellie

To celebrate the Great British Bake Off, we're revealing the best baking hacks from the graze kitchen...

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Apple fibre is what’s left of an apple after it’s been juiced. You can pick up dried apple fibre powder at markets, whole food stores, or order it for yourself online. We find it gives our little puds a fruity and fresh aroma and taste - as well as an added nutritional boost.

Ellie, chief taste expert
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Why apple fibre?

Besides the obvious benefit of providing fibre, apple fibre cleans your digestive system and creates healthy gut flora, which allow the absorption of nutrients and promote good intestinal health.

It can be mixed with liquid to make a healthy drink, or you can also mix it up into your baked goodies.

How to use apple fibre

It’s quite simple really, simply add a tablespoon or two to any sweet bake you might be making.

You can also experiment with savoury dishes - rye bread in particular benefits from the flavour of the added fruit.

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By Ellie, chief taste expert.

Armed with her £3 million taste buds (yep, that’s genuinely what they’re worth) head honcho Ellie tries every new recipe from the graze kitchen, and works with our nutritionist Jess to make sure every snack reaches her high standards.

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